Warren O'neill

Warren O’neill started playing guitar at age 14 in his hometown of Melbourne, Australia. Although starting off with lessons under teacher Roger Treble, he essentially taught himself the greater part of his musical vocabulary and in doing so created his own style and approach to the guitar. Early influences included Eric Clapton and Dire Straits but he soon found himself being immersed by such guitarists as Jimi Hendrix, Jeff Beck and Steve Vai among many others. Lately he has found a deep love for Psy Trance and EDM and recently performed with Suntribe at the Earthcore festival. He is always searching to break new ground both musically and sonically. He migrates from acoustic to electric guitar effortlessly and also plays several other instruments including bass guitar, ukulele, keyboards and dulcimer.

Warren went on to play in a number of successful local bands. One band named “Naked Soul “won various battle of the bands, broke attendance records in venues around Melbourne and amassed a loyal diehard following. They released 2 CDs and a DVD before singer Justin Fitzgerald died in 2006.
Warren also played the part of “Osama Van Halen” in the Multi Media Political Satire band “New Horizons In Violence”. They had widespread international exposure in their quest to rid the world of the Bush administration through dance and song. Their CD and DVD is available through Mission Accomplished Records. Warren in addition has played in other bands, touring parts of Australia and doing session work for artists such as Patrick McMahon and high profile studios around town such as Metropolis and Audiocraft studios. He has played on numerous recordings for Film and TV and has released several CDs and DVDs with various bands.

2010 see’s the release of Warren’s first instrumental album “Dreamspell”. It’s an acoustic based album and all songs are written, preformed, mixed and produced by Warren himself. The album is Warren’s first venture into instrumental acoustic based music. It is more of a relaxed nature and is really intended to be something that calms the nerves, soothes the soul and works fantastically at creating a peaceful and serene atmosphere. As the name suggests, the album can also act as a lullaby and can be an elixir for insomniacs, lulling them into a dream state. Warren believes in the healing power of music and has set out to make a record which is soothing and has a positive effect on the listener when played at the right time.

In addition to completing his Dreamspell Album, Warren is currently playing with the world music influenced trio “Velvet Eyes” and recently with the rock band “Sonic Jungle”. As well as planning his next instrumental CD he is following his passion of EDM and playing with "Mad Russian" while doing special appearances at Dance festivals around Australia. His next acoustic album will be going in a more flamboyant direction incorporating flamenco, blues and more roots type music using the latest cutting edge approach. He is also keen to get more in depth with the EDM style and take his playing and performance to the next level. Stay tuned for some exciting stuff to come.



1994       Storm Monkey Stone          CD
1995 Video Storm Monkey Stone Video
1996 Far Queue Compilation CD
2007 Endless Road Naked Soul CD
2007 Naked Soul Naked Soul CD
2007 NHIV are Evil NHIV CD
2007 Terrorvision NHIV DVD
2008 Home Videos Naked Soul DVD
2009 Dreamspell Warren O'neill CD
2009 Thunder Hits Compilation CD
2011 Circles Velvet Eyes CD
2011 Natural People Mad Russian EP
2012 Rawrr (Hit the Floor)    Sonic Jungle CD
2013 Parallel Worlds Mad Russian CD