Woz is now available for session guitar work on all types of recordings. Whether it’s for a demo, finished CD, one off song, soundtrack or whatever you need. Want some killer original guitar or do you need a particular style of guitar or specific lines on a track? Rock, Pop, Blues, Techno, EDM, Metal, Punk, Funk, Acoustic, Folk, Country, Classical, Ambient, Experimental and more, Warren can pretty much cover it all. With a huge range of guitars to choose from, from all types of acoustic and electric guitars, guitar synth, slide, looping, Cigar Box Guitar,  6 string, 7 string and 12 string guitars. 


He is available for in person sessions at a studio of your choice or you can send him your tracks from anywhere in the world. With a high quality studio at his disposal and the latest in cutting edge guitar technology, he also has access to practically any piece of old school analog gear you can think of. He can pretty much get any sound that you could need and has the chops to play the part. He has done sessions in some of the top studios in Melbourne and now you can access him from anywhere in the world thanks to the internet. 


For enquires for a session email at the address below.