Warren teaches guitar from his private studio in Cheltenham in the South East suburbs of Melbourne. He teaches students from beginner to advanced and has a wealth of experience as a working guitarist, musician, author and performer. A real world guitarist, he prefers to tailor each lesson and course to the requirements and desires of each individual and adapt the structure of the course to their own personal goals, tastes and desired outcome. Why learn jazz theory if you want to play reggae, why learn classical finger style technique if you want to play metal, why stop at one style if you want to play them all!? Whatever you want to play Warren can help you set sail in the direction you wish to travel, whether it is learning guitar for your own personal enjoyment and well being or becoming a professional musician, Warren can get you there.

At his fully equipped warm and friendly studio he utilizes hi tech and cutting edge teaching techniques to accelerate the learning process and facilitate fast progress for learning to play and understand the guitar. That being said he prefers to progress at the speed of each individual and can go as slow or as fast as is required.

Warren has a great relationship with his students, he is warm, friendly, patient and motivating. He loves music passionately and gains great joy in introducing new students to the wonders that music inspires while having an all round good time by all. All ages welcome.

According to Warren if the eye is the window to the soul the ear is definitely the front door and the guitar is a finite instrument with infinite possibilities....and loads of fun!

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"I can't talk highly enough of Warren's professionalism, and his creative ability as a musician is also portrayed in his fine ability to teach. Warren gets results!"   
-Jo Luscombe

"From learning the guitar from scratch, I found it very quick and easy to learn from Warren. He allowed me to choose and play my own choices of music offering advice only when needed. Within six months I became a confident player and would recommend him to players of any level.'  
-Lewis Knight

"Warren is an amazing guitarist and a really good teacher. I started learning Guitar from Warren over an year ago as a mature age student. As this was my first musical instrument, I really admire his patience in teaching me the basics of music and guitar. He provided me with specific feedback and continued to motivate me during difficult and frustrating periods. He structured his teaching around the songs that I loved, which really got me interested in playing.   
-Dave T

"Warren is a very talented teacher with fantastic musical knowledge. He has been able to teach me a lot more than I ever expected in my first few months of learning. Great friendly, studio environment to learn in too."   
-Benjamin O'Donnell

“Warren O’Neill is a remarkable guitarist who has a deep understanding of many guitar styles and techniques. Warren’s approach is to emphasise musicality and playing and I have found that I have quickly progressed not only in my understanding of the guitar, but my enjoyment of the instrument as well."

We have been so thrilled with Warren as Anabelle’s Guitar Teacher for this year. She began not knowing anything about guitar and now she knows plenty of chords and really enjoys practising at home. She looks forward to guitar lessons with Warren and he has a patient and calming manner which is fabulous when learning. We will continue with lessons into 2014 and we thank Warren for all she has learnt in such a small space of time.
-Janine Lynch

My 12 year old son James has been getting lesson from Warren O’Neil for about two years now. We are more than pleased with James’ progress. James is in awe of Warren & takes in everything that he says. Warren has a wonderful down to earth approach to teaching, he really listen to his student’s needs, keeping the lesson flexible but packed with learning. James looks forward to every lesson & that enthusiasm has never waned. I would & have recommended warren to anyone who has a child that is interested in guitar.
-Cheree Jowzy





 Below is an image of the chord book that Warren worked on, available through Hinkler Books and Amazon.